LabelX 140

LabelX 140
LABELX is the new labeler line designed by LABELPACK to face the market challenge over the next few years while offering products that meet the requirements of the most qualified demand. Mechanical sturdiness, easy and linear label reel path, combined with a winning design, are the prominent features characterizing this new solution.
A complete range of standard supporting units is available to integrate labelers series LABELX simply and efficiently on automatic machines and packaging and packing lines.
LABELX is available in two versions with paper width of mm 140 and mm 250. Two different electronic controls, one on machine board, the other into separated box, allow to apply labels up to 45 mt/min (35 mt/min for mm 250 version).
Both LABELX versions can be powered with HS elctronic control which allows to apply labels at high speed up to 60 mt/min.
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